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Terms of Service

I. General Policy I have the right to deny any order that may not fit into the Terms of Service or of another reasoning due to time, health && other real life reasons .
I have the right to deny any order if I feel like I am being treated with any amount of hostility, danger or ill nature .
II. Payment & Refunding All commissions will be paid in full through PayPal ( Ko-fi ) only && upfront . Cost of commissions may vary depending on the complexity . I will not start a commission until payment requirements are met . You are entitled to ask for a sketched work in process before you pay . All payments will be converted into USD .
In the event that I cannot finish a commission I will refund the commissioner in full . I have the right to cancel a commission if I the artist has not yet been paid . Although once a payment is made do not ask to cancel once I have started the commission .
If you attempt to file charge-back I will cease all contact && deny you any further service from me permanently .
III. Processing The amount of time it will take me to complete your commission depends on complexity , order placement , health , work && any other real life reasons . The time estimated to complete your order may come up to the maximum of 1 to 3 months .
I will do my utmost to make sure my customers are satisfied . I will keep in contact with you && provide progress shots as needed . Once a commission is completed any requests to edit it may require additional charges depending on the complexity of the edit .

IV. Copyright Policy I have a right to copyright , please do not claim the art as your own , DO NOT remove my signature && / or watermark without my permission . Do not edit or alter my artwork without my consent .
Do not resell , redistribute , copy , manufacture or use my artwork for commercial use unless stated otherwise by the commissioner what the artwork is for. If you want commercial rights for the artwork then please inquire with me, the artist, personally.
None of my artwork commissioned or not is to be traded or sold with any form of crypto-currency. Nor am I willing to create art for any NFT related sales or auctions nor is it to be uploaded for AI learning, client or otherwise. My art shall NEVER be used for any blockchain related functions or those similar. With that said all art from this point forward will be protected by Glaze & Nightshade.
The Commissioner is allowed to use the artwork for personal use && claim the design of the character or order in question as long as I the artist is credited. Refrain from reposting the artwork onto other websites without my consent .
I have the right to use the artwork to promote my sales && post publicly on related websites or forums . If you wish to keep a commission private please let me know once I contact you.
V. Mature Content I will not under any circumstances accept orders for any mature or otherwise suggestive content from a minor which is 17 && under in my country . Nor will I depict minors in such art forms . This does include any type of explicit nudity && pin ups . This does not include moderate amounts of blood or moderately graphic violence .
VI. The Terms of Service are subject to change , please keep that in mind . I will keep my ToS updated as need be .


How old are you ? Who are you ?
Hello , you can refer to me as Nya . I am African American && I am over 21 years old . && I ain’t single .
What do you do in real life ?
I work in food service part-time so that will also take up some of my time while I also may get a second job . I am also enrolled in college .
What is your timezone && availabilities ?
My timezone is Central US . I usually work in the evenings so I may be up in the wee morning or after work around 8pm .
What tools do you use ?
I use an Huion KAMVAS 13 Pro Tablet && Pen , Laptop && Krita for the art program . I also use Photoscape X Pro as a backwater Photoshop . Looking into Clip Studio Paint .
Will there be other ways to contact you ?
All active socials are available on the main page. But if you commission me , you may request for my discord if the need arises .
Will your commissions ever close ?
I have a set number of commissions in my ko-fi shop I will take but I will re-open as soon as they're finished. I have no plans of closing for an extended amount of time beyond orders being full.

What if I am interested yet cannot pay now but want / will in the future ?
For any reason that you cannot pay or have enough currently , you are welcome to help spread the word by retweeting , journal spreading or reblogging . If you maybe have a few bucks to spare , consider donating to my ko-fi .
If we donate to your ko-fi is it possible to still get something in return ?
It will NOT be guaranteed but I believe when you go to donate you can leave a small comment . You may leave a reference of something or ask for a doodle of something but donating WILL NOT mean you will get one . Make sure to leave me a social account so that I know where to post it if not just on ko-fi .
Can you do different art styles ?
I draw in lots of different ways , my art style is never consistent . Maybe you’ll find a style you like from my many examples or just ask me with a reference on hand .
Do / Will you ever stream commissions ?
Yea I do sometimes , I'll say so when I announce the stream for the day && you might catch me !

What do you mean by ‘ personal use ’ ?
You can use my artwork as profile pictures , backgrounds or banners if you so choose . If you as the commissioner want to use my art for a video please remember to credit me .
What do you mean by edit / alter without permission ?
This means that I do not want you to edit , crop or alter my artwork without asking me first . It is not that hard , I will more than likely say yes . I am a fan of people who are graphic designers but I would like to know what you are doing with my art . Although only you as the commissioner , unless it maybe canon artwork , could do so .
Can we use your ToS / F.A.Q. as a template ?
Sure thing , I know that it may seem over prepared but for those also starting out commissions I highly encourage it && you do not have to credit me ! Just DO NOT copy it word for word , put it in your own words .
The F.A.Q. . . .
Is subject to change && will be updated accordingly .